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Good free video editor for slow computer?

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I've downloaded openshot, lightworks, videopad, NCH suite and perhaps a few others, all of which my computer seems unable to get to finish videos properly, anyone recommend anything easier on crappy spec computers?


Computer is a 2016 or 2017 (or maybe even 2015, i forget) HP laptop, 8gig ram, AMD A6-7310 w AMD Radeon R4 graphics. And may have been dropped & had liquids spilt on it numerous times. 9_9

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pc should be fine, but rendering can take a much longer time on a slower machine - helps speed things up to put the temp and working files onto separate SSDs (to the system drive). 

I use VideoStudio Pro - you can always download a 30 day free trial if it's a one-off job: https://www.videostudiopro.com/en/free-trials/

Not clued up on free editors unfortunately.

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If a computer that should be OK can't complete any video task with multiple programs, is the problem with the laptop? Is it all up to date, without any bloatware or anti=virus conflicts slowing it down?

I'm lucky enough not to have to use Windows, but whenever I have to help someone that does, my usual general approach is:

* ensure everything is up to date

* benchmark against other similar computers

* go through every application, deleting everything not used

* delete all anti virus software 

* Install Windows Defender & Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (seem to work well together)

* use the process manager to see if there is still anything slowing it down

* search for things like 'Windows tuneup' or 'speed up Windows' and follow the steps that don't involve installing any other programs

* benchmark again

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Maybe look in the Event Log to see if there's a report corresponding to the point it hung up or failed.

Video data can be large so make sure you have enough virtual memory (dig around in the "system/advanced system settings" part of Control Panel). If that helps, think about adding more actual memory (if the machine has a suitable expansion slot).


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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, PatronizingGit said:

Thanks guys...tried them, still my PC no good at handling. Oddly it handles extremely large spreadsheets far better than my dads far newer PC, just not videos (wont even play 4k without judder)

Couple of things..  the processor you have is about 6 years old with integrated graphics.  The integrated graphics doesn't have dedicated memory and so is using your system memory.

You have 8 gig.   I believe people usually recommend 16 gig for 4k processing.     Open task manager and see what is happening with your RAM.   I suspect you may be maxing it out and the computer is then having to use the HDD for swap files which unless you have a solid state drive is going to be painfully slow and could be causing instability and the problems buffering your 4k video.    This is only a guess by the way.  But if your RAM is maxing out then adding another 8 gig may be a relatively cheap / easy way to make a huge difference to the computer's performance.

There are some really good AMD chips coming out for laptops at the moment..   it's probably not a bad time to upgrade if you have the available funds..  your processor is going to be quite slow,  even if you can improve the over all system stability.  Good luck.

The end of this article has a breakdown of what's important for video editing:



Edit to add:  Your processor really isn't going to be very well cut out for this sort of work..  it's comparable to an Intel Atom processor and draws quite a lot of power..  could the instability come from over heating ?!

Here's a comparison between your CPU,  and intel atom,   and a current AMD laptop processor:



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Posted (edited)

VSDC Free Video Editor.

The free version can't use hardware acceleration when processing a video, but apart from that it is completely un-knobbled. Lots of video and audio features, and an intuitive interface.

On my ageing PC with an SSD fitted, you're looking at around 1.3x the length of the edited video in processing time for full HD if you use the free version. It'll be faster if you pay for it.

A three camera set-up edited with VSDC is shown below. Reverb was added to my voice using the software.




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