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What have you done today to make you feel proud?

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45 minutes ago, ccc said:

Yes he's a top full time triathlete iirc. 

It's still crazy fast to even think about. 

I do reckon quite a lot of people could get close to these sort of times if they focussed their entire lives on it though. 

Same for many things. 

I remember reading somewhere, but annoyingly can't remember where about the makeup of performance in terms of natural, physiological ability and training-acquired skill.  Physiological ability was key, which is why they had those Olympic programmes where they took people who were very focussed and driven and then assessed them to indicate to them which sport they would be best-placed to focus on.  Even if it was one they hadn't previously wanted to do.  I seem to remember Amy Williams (skeleton bobsleigh champ) was one of those.  That's why it annoys me when elite athletes give those rousing "follow your dreams and be like me" speeches because it's only 50% true.  You can become very good at something, but a naturally gifted person doing the same amount of work will always beat you and a naturally gifted person doing slightly less work probably will too.

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