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Backup and Archive



I'm hoping to achieve a particular setup and wondering if anyone has this, and how you managed it. It was never possible in the UK because of the shite broadband, but with a very quick connection here in Italy it should be possible now.

What I want is to have a folder that appears as such on the PC which acts as an extension of storage.

When I finish a piece of work or a project it's in a folder e.g. 0932 Client Name - Project Name.

I don't need to keep those on the local PC for much beyond the end of the project but I do want to archive them. And be able to just open them again easily by going to that folder as if they were on the local computer.

This is different to the SyncBack/Backblaze combination on our servers which takes daily dumps of the file system for full restores and different to the backups of the local machine which upload to Backblaze overnight into a separate bucket.

OneDrive is similar in that it's an external folder, but then I have that on my phone too and all I use it for is moving photo files off the phone, which I never back up, onto the local network and from there into backup storage. I don't want the client project files accessible from my mobile phone nor in the same space.

What's the software and service combination that best achieves this?

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I'd probably go old school - separate hard drive on PC (if desktop), when each job complete move folder from working disk  to that drive and then encrypt/backup files from there.  Either that or local Nas with replication script/program.. Probably wouldn't personally want to put any client files online that are not on their own servers unencrypted enough to be able to open them directly.

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