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Sulphur smell and yellow sky in Paris

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Posted (edited)


Other reports on Twitter confirming the same in other cities, trending #odeur

So sandstorms from Africa? Plastic factory fire? Or judging from how 2020 is going, the gate to 9th circle of hell being opened?

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So why didn't article report about historic events - when I found it in a internet search, which sounds like the most plausible explanation?


There is a reason why people don't trust the media - they twist the story to create wonder, insecurity and notoriety. It's like back at school, someone had some gossip at the playground - Did you know Steven has been sent to the headmasters office, and he hasn't come out for 2 hours! Maybe he's in trouble! Maybe he's getting the cane! Everyone gathers round - you're the centre of attention with this cut edge breaking news! 

(Well he had a headache, and is in the nurses room for a lie down, which is near the headmasters office).

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