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Kid Rock

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2 hours ago, wherebee said:

Another upset on the cards a la Trump and Brexit?  Kid Rock leading both Dems and Reps in poll for senate seat...






Never heard of him or his music, no idea bout his politics, but I thought that was a slick, well-produced music video. (Enjoyed it, Ta.) And it showed people having unrestricted fun, not necessarily all of it was my type of fun, although I really liked the horse segment, even if it was also a bit frustrating.

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That is excellent news. Anything that screws with the political class is to be encouraged. I hope he wins!

This one is a bit more commercial and catchy.


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2 hours ago, WorkingPoor said:

Is he trying to emulate Springsteen? 

Not really. I'd describe his output as rock, rap and country fusion. I wouldn't judge based on one song.

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