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Man gets AI to write ACDC song

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Posted (edited)
2 hours ago, NTB said:

Some bright spark has got an AI bot to parse all of ACDC's lyrics and write a song based on them. He then set it to music. It's the future I tell thee.


I thought that was how heavy metal songs had always been written.

Anyway the Bonn Scott version would have been better

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Explains how Eurovision songs are written.

I suppose the most impressive part is the scanning of the phrases, but an algrithm to handle a few basic chord progressions and the odd key change isn't all that.

The problem will always be that you can teach a machine the rules of music, but can you teach it to break them in a way that still makes sense? If you can't you will never get a mechanical Zappa or Stravinsky. 

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Davdi Bowie used to cut up his lyrics with a scalpel and rearrange them to unlock hidden meanings.

That's all the first is doing IMO; though with ACDC the starting pallette is much narrower.  They really are all about the music rather than the words; and teh music is excellent.

I think Bowie was during his Berlin drugs years.

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16 hours ago, Virgil Caine said:

I thought that was how heavy metal songs had always been written.

Anyway the Bonn Scott version would have been better

With a few exceptions, "metal" is as tedious as "Rap".

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