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Maximum post length, yes or no?

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6 hours ago, lid said:

Lots of smart people on here. No doubt about it. Just thinking there might be room for a thread where people can get their point across in a single concise  paragraph, for those of us afflicted with a short attention span. Maximum of fifty words, see what I did there.


Yes, I see you implying that you're a smart person :D

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2 hours ago, The XYY Man said:

Seems we have an awful lot of control freaks on here.

This forum has been a good forum because it has no rules, and the lightest moderation I've ever encountered.

And you cunts want to change that...?

Give your heads a fucking shake...




 I wasn't suggesting all threads just this one cuntychops:Old:

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3 minutes ago, Sucralose Ray Leonard said:

Was this not proposed in another thread last week? I'm either going a bit mad in isolation or keep reading the same things on this forum. 

That was for a minimum word limit; which I thought was a good idea even if not many others did.

I think @lid is satiriisng that thread.

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