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Having played the flags game with my young relatives it's the new ones:


African ones - various combinations of red, yellow and green

the Caribbean and Pacific island states - blue background, waves, birds

the ex-Soviet 'stans - wiggly writing and a plain or patterned background

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So many countries and only so much you can do with a small cloth square. Especially when the best colours are red white and blue and everyone already got the best designs in those. I hate it when the flag of Waziristan looks exactly like Republic of South Kachenga but with an extra star, how are you supposed to figure that out. 

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I see no benefit from recognising flags from around the world.  If I'm in a country I usually know I'm in the country* and if I see a D plate car with flags flapping on the front wings I'm content to only know that it won't necessarily be paying out any compensation if it bumps into me.

[*well there are a few exceptions, such as Andorra and the Neum corridor.  But I'm happy to be surprised in those rare instances.]

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Well fuck me Cavey. You have been more places than a Borg Cube. Still at least you still got out of yer mam's back bedroom. These tricolours confuse me. Is it Russia or France, or Belgium?

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Posted (edited)

Here's a few questions for those of a Merkin persuasion:
Is it legal in the USA to burn the National flag, the Stars and Stripes?
Is it ever a legal requirement in the USA to burn the Stars and Stripes?
Where might you see the Stars and Stripes portrayed 'back-to front'?   I know of two examples, besides the obvious one of observing it from the back on a flag pole.

Amazon.com: Reverse and Forward Facing American Flag Stickers FA ...

Edited by Happy Renting
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