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So I'm use a vpn on my pc.  Everything seems fine.  One day I'm searching for building materials and one of those sites that likes to insert your location into their web page (like "cobbles for sale in <your location>") gets pretty close (a nearby town).

I had searched in Duckduckgo for "cobbles in <my county>" but it returned a more precise location.  So I tried a different county (Kent) and it came back at a higher (and wrong) location (East Sussex).

Any idea what's going on?

PS:  Tagging my computer or modem or router by buying location data from Microsoft, Google, etc?  Canvassing or Webrtc?  But then the result of my experiment?  The Duckduckgo search term seems relevant but not sufficient.

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10 hours ago, spunko said:

Do you mean on Google?

Go on here with your VPN fully on:


Usually it's from HTML5 canvas, previous searches (if on Google), or a VPN leak somewhere.

Ta.  It was using Duckduckgo on a pc.  I use Firefox with some anti fingerprinting but this is never that effective.  I'll run that web site you mention when at my pc thanks  I suppose it's possible my canvass is enough when combined with a location mentioned in the search but unlikely?  Ipleak says no dsn or webrtc leak.  Very odd.  I will play some more using my phone, etc with various search engines as well as restore a gold copy of my system to see if there was anything on it.  Anyways, first time I've seen this happen (but then the web site was being overt).

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