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Odd LCD TV Behaviour

Bus Stop Boxer

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Bus Stop Boxer

I have a Sony Bravia W range LCD TV.

Ive been watching a fair bit of current test match and noticed that as the camera pans away from an expanse of green grass, i have a dark patch/shadow effect top left, which lingers and then clears when the camera is switched back.

Its like i have a zone of stuck pixels or something.

Patch is not there when used with other content. Have put a grey screen test image on it and its 100% fine.

Any ideas?

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I had this on mine, a quick way to get rid is to switch to one of those scribbly channels of old for 1-2s. Like this:




You'll probably have to switch back to Analogue to get it.

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Bus Stop Boxer

Cheers for replying both. 

I have the Sky Q plumbed via a NEET HDMI splitter to the living room tv,  and to my office/cave on 2nd floor. Have noticed living room tv produce the same, short lived, dark patch (cheap 4k Toshiba).

This is either something to do with the broadcast, specifically it would seem Sky cricket, or the splitter. Ive not seen either telly do it on non cricket based feeds.

Will wait to see what it does when the footer starts. My box seems to be struggling with green.....

Either way im reassured that neither tv is on the fritz.

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