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Escape from LA

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39 minutes ago, JackieO said:

Well out of respect for the deceased there should be no police investigation and no intervention by any kind of law enforcement. This is what Caleb would have wanted, a true demonstration and tribute to the on-going campaign to defund and remove the police.

Black Lives Matter, Defund the Police. Black Lives Matter. All the police are racists. Black Lives Matter. Take it to the streets. Black Lives Matter.

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In this video a gun is fired after a car does a u-turn just moments before finding itself surrounded by a mob of anarchists. Someone shouts "You fucker!" I think.

I get the impression that they car was shot at because the driver did the u-turn and spoiled their chance of being able to kick the shit out of it and perhaps the driver as well. In other words, these fecks are now randomly shooting at innocent people it appears.



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