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Bercow Buggered and Watson Wankered

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Very nice news indeed, except:


It is understood that Mr Bercow’s nomination was rejected because the commission felt Mr Corbyn was not entitled to nominate him because the former Conservative MP is “not Labour”.

I'd have been happier if they'd rejected him for being an anti-democratic gerrymandering midget cocksucker.

(I know that's not the strict definition of gerrymandering but he did rig the playing field to affect how the votes went, so fuck him)

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Funny though it is to laugh at this bunch of wankers not getting their HoL freebies and the titles that they probably genuinely wanted, especially super twat Bercow, what about the alleged reasons behind the decision (Independent, so hardly impartial, but even so). Watson denied for getting misled trying to investigate historic Westminster kiddy fiddlers and the Labour lady I've never heard of for speaking out against the Israeli government and being lobbied against by mysteriously influential (state funded?) political hysteria group of self appointed communist censors Hope Not Hate. Does rather suggest the same people are in power regardless of what goes on in the two houses.

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1 hour ago, spygirl said:

Bercow aside, Watson's moves have really blown up in his face.


Yes, Bercow is simply an utter tosser but Tom Watson through his hubris and ignorance thoroughly ruined the lives of several people some of whom died before being exonerated.

He looked to have got away with that with by hooking a cushy music industry job post parliament so it is good that there has finally been some limited sanction for what he did.

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