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Ebola and Coronavirus Chimeric Pandemic coming?

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50 minutes ago, Vendetta said:

Let’s hope this thread doesn’t take off and still be ongoing like the January pandemic one you started!

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Could prove lethal for millions of children and their families.

They're suggesting a population* lethality of over 1%, which hasn't been seen in any of those diseases (or anywhere near) -- they're just being alarmist for effect.

[* Ie, rather than case fatality rate]

What has and will kill many millions of people is/are their ongoing internicene** conflict(s).  And the health issues are a direct consequence of the unstable state and not really a health issue -- the WHO should keep quiet and offload to the UN (not that they're any better, but it is a war problem, not a health problem).

[** well, I'm sure they'll all say they're different, but it is just a tribal thing (like most conflicts in Africa).]

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