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Polite dissidence in the current climate

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It seems the useful idiots are currently throwing everything at creating hysteria in the public narrative, prominently in the context of the US race riots and I suspect also in keeping the stay at home virus alive  as a deadly threat to all society. Being British we are predisposed to avoid causing a scene but in these strange times it seems important to let others know that they are not alone in disagreeing with what we are being told. An obvious one is striking up conversations in social distancing queues outside shops.  Any other IRL scenarios (especially whilst we don't have pubs to talk to other people) in which dosbods have encountered fellow dissidents?

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George Floyd.

Had this conversation yesterday with an old biddy I see around a bit.

"How's the lockdown"

"OK, but me and Harry are getting bored now"

"Well I hope those idiots demonstrating don't cause us more weeks inside"

"Yes, but they do have a point about the injustice"

"Oh yes, police brutality is a thing to protest about, but not in the name of a man who attacks women, and not now during the lockdown"


"That George Floyd bloke in the USA.  Broke into a house with four other blokes, stuck a gun in a pregnant ladies belly and demanded all the cash.  Was a black lady too"

"Really?  No one told me that" (I could see the change).


Then came a long diatribe against the black fella in Australia, and how shit most of them were, and how her grandson was half-abo and the mother was a complete druggie waster with four kids to four different blokes, and how she was fed up of the lot of them and was raising the grandson herself because last time she went to visit the fridge had one piece of cheese in it and nothing else and the kid was starving, despite the fact she KNOWS the mother gets shitloads of benefits.


It was quite funny, really.  Once I gave her the mental ammunition that these protests, like so much other blackfella demands, was based on a criminal waster, she gave it both barrels.

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