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Not to be outdone by the revelations in the David Attenborough and Father Ted threads, I feel that the time is right to denounce the most inoffensive orange ball of plasticine ever used in stop-motion animation.

My proof?

You want, or need proof?

Isn't the fact that I've made the accusation good enough for you?

OK - Morph's arch-nemesis is called Chas - as we know, CHAZ is also the name of the freedom-loving BLM  state in America which would be represented in Congress if it wasn't for that other orange ball of plasticine standing in its way! The Morph cartoons therefore represent the epic struggle of good versus evil, with Chaz's opponents, of course being evil.

By way of atonement, I demand that Aardman immediately commission a new series of Wallace and Gromit shorts, with Wallace portrayed as a brilliant female black scientist, assisted by her equally brilliant, but silent cat. I'm sure Diane Abbott would provide the voice talent for Wallace, if she was asked nicely. David Lammy would be ideal for the voice of Gromit, but he might be too busy to take part in rehearsals.

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