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Non-woke "celebrities"?

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2 minutes ago, Boglet said:

Matt Damon? Really?

Isn't he bessies with Ben Affleck, who is a total shitlib?

I'm sure I saw an interview with him a while back and he was very non woke. 

I could be mistaken though O.o

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Here's one for debate:  Stephen Fry.

Calls himself an "old fashioned liberal", something despised by the woke brigade, including modern day "liberals".

He took Jordan Patersons side in a debate on Youtube and did a nice monologue (e.g. 45:18, beware of the preceding effort though)...


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3 minutes ago, ccc said:

Burd footballer today had some bollocks and refused. Fair play. 

I put the football on tonight because it was FA Cup not Premier League. I put it on just before kick off time so I wouldn't be annoyed listening to the twats in the studio, then they started with some two whistle bollocks and down they went on their knees so I turned it off.

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