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Top talent from the past

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I was watching Zardoz last night, this young lass didn't look too shabby either


although she seems to be packing under that dress... at least a Maine Coone if not a Persian Long Hair



she binned the dress... uncomfortable


I remember Dr Faustus got the devil to take him back in time so he could give Helen of Troy a good seeing to. He had to give the Devil his soul in exchange and of course the Devil tricked him. Be careful Pinny, you play with dark forces.

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50 minutes ago, davidg said:

I was watching Zardoz last night,

Good God mean, why?

10 minutes ago, The XYY Man said:

Susan George

Julie Christie

Jenny Agutter.

Nothing more to add...




Julie Christie in Shampoo. Made me wish I'd lived through the late 60s.

Hubba Hubba hubba

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