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I think they have long term issues in India to off memory with outbreaks of bubonic plague. They had it in LA?

Half the time I think the CCP just likes winding us up so we can decimate our own economies in advance.

Or cover stories from some adavnced lab in China (tin foil hat mode) to say whats coming next and say its not us guvner.

Or prepping us for the African Swine Fever Virus the west ( double tin foil hat) released in the last five years to hit the Chinese Pork industry. I suspect thats crap and that the CCP were so lax it was brought upon them selves.

Mind. Who knows what would happen if that AFS virus became zoonotic and jumped ship to humans. If it happens it would be China due to their vast numbers of swine in proximity to humans. Swine could be read as CCP

I know we have a rat issue here in the Uk. 

We have over crowding.

Nothing would now surprise me.

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Posted (edited)

From the RT link.


It’s believed the patient in question is suffering from the bubonic form, which causes swollen lymph nodes, and is considered to be the most easily treated variant of the disease.


It's just a surprise that it isn't being put into the CV19 case numbers as swollen lymph nodes would easily come under the description of "flu like symptoms" - see belowThough that wouldn't make a headline now - no it must be bubonic plague now.

Remarkably there are no WHO quotes about the plague in the article.

I bet they're still letting people from that area in China into the UK despite the risk of them having bubonic plague.


Lymph nodes swell from an infection in the area where they are located. For example, the lymph nodes in the neck can become swollen in response to an upper respiratory infection, like the common cold.


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Plague is not an infrequent event in china and the USA (west).  I remember reading about a white kid a couple of years ago in california who caught it from groundhogs - he recovered, because of course his ancestors survived the plague in the middle ages so he was genetically predisposed to not die from it.  Amazing example of living history.

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I was on the M60 this morning. 70mph. Clear run. Spot a load of timber on the third lane. No gantry sign so I guess it has just occurred. Nothing behind me bit even the swerve could not stop me.over running it.

Arrived at job.

Leave..steering off. Damn how has the relaligning gone off so quick.

Find out front driver side puncture.

Just checked. Driver side rear flat.

My bangernomics are being stressed. Bugger.

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