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MAF Training with Low Heart Rate, Low Carb, Intervals, Ketosis, Fasting & more

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Dr Phil Maffetone is a name I've not heard of on DOSBODS, and only came across it from a youtube recommendation as a training method for endurance running.

For running, it's called Maximum Aerobic Function (MAF) which is a rather crude calculation of what you max heart rate should be for optimal aerobic training. 180- age. I'm sure the acronym is a coincidence :)

Maffetone appears to have been on the low carb, fasting, ketosis "bandwagon" since the 70s, he really should be in the DOSBODs hall of fame if we had one :)

I've not been following a strict low carb diet, and certainly not in ketosis, but I do avoid sugar and refined carbs.

What I have been doing is following his MAF training, this week I'll run 100km, I started doing MAF training at the start of June, my pace at my MAF heart rate has gone from 6:40m/km to 6:00m/km. And it's been enjoyable, no injuries, no stress, not tired and ready to go for another run immediately.

long video below, it covers everything in the subject, but MAF training and low carb diet really do seem to be bedfellows. (Talks about MAF training at 42m)




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