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Yves Rausch: German police hunt 'dangerous Rambo' in Black Forest

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Wow! I seem to remember the police bullied john rambo prior to him taking to the hills? 

German police backed by helicopters are hunting a homeless man in the Black Forest, who is reportedly armed with pistols and a bow and arrows.

The manhunt was launched on Sunday in Oppenau, south-west Germany, about 25km (16 miles) from the French border.

Media reports say Yves Rausch, 31, wearing camouflage gear, disarmed four police officers on Sunday after threatening them with a pistol.

Police have warned the public and aircraft to avoid the area.

The police warning says "Beware!... The wanted man has several guns!" Local drivers have been warned against picking up hitch-hikers.

Earlier a police spokesman said the suspect had appeared co-operative on Sunday, after police tracked him down, but then "suddenly he pulled out his pistol and aimed at the officers".

"They were totally stunned," he said, and "they had no chance to react to the dangerous situation."

The suspect is known to the police for previous offences, including illegal possession of firearms, AFP news agency reports.

Some reports have nicknamed him "Rambo" after the fictional, violent Vietnam war veteran who goes on the run from US police.


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Posted (edited)
25 minutes ago, spunko said:

Kind of depressing that you can't just disappear into the woods any more, what with infrared cameras and limited woodland. Imagine living in Henry VIII's day when woodland covered 80% of England or whatever it was. Haven't been to the Black Forest but I assume it's nowhere near as wild as it once was either.

Yeah i was thinking that too, the infra red will get him located. 

Maybe he could coat himself in cold mud like arnie in predator? 

or find a cave full of corona-bats ?


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1 hour ago, LC1 said:


That is such a good film -- the start of it is great (the scene posted) -- literally better than Bambi!

1 hour ago, Gloommonger said:

First Blood is a great movie. My mates older brother had it on vhs back in '83, was amazing to watch as a 10 year old. The first Terminator movie, Back to the Future and Gremlins made a similar impression. The early 80s saw some groundbreaking stuff.

First Blood is excellent.  It suffers from being thought of as a mindless bloody movie, but it is very thoughtful -- perhaps a perfect storyline about a person suffering from mental illness being driven down a particular route because of events.  It is well written and Stallone acts well (as does the Chief of Police).

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1 minute ago, The Masked Tulip said:

I just got a text from Yves. He says the forest is a bit damp but it has good wi fi reception funningly enough. He is pleased that his exploits have made the news but is also a bit peeved off with things. Says he is an Arnie and not a Sly fan.

If he says he likes Twins and Kindergarten Cop then I hope they get him.

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