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Ditter. Or Twosbods

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“Pay special attention to the dimensions of the head and neck, to the ribcage, the rump and the limbs. And take to heart the contours of body, e.g., the line of the neck to the back, the curve of the belly.”

“For the first layer (inside) please use fine, curly horsehair; you must buy an old sofa or something similar; have the horsehair disinfected. Then, over that, a layer of pouches stuffed with down, cottonwool for the seat and breasts.”

Now, Moos was a highly skilled artist & she knew how to make a doll. So, its very unlikely that she wouldn’t have known what she produced was not up to spec. In fact, many critics believe she deliberately created a monstrosity as a ‘fuck you’ to Kokoschka & his creepy request

She made the doll of sawdust sewn inside swanskin, with the feathers still attached. It’s lumpy, goggly eyed, and furry. It more closely resembles the Gruffalo than it does a woman

I think I've met her and her fatter, uglier mate in Spoons.

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