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Reports of people stabbed at Thorpe Park

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the Alton Towers Massiv vs Chesington World of Adventure Dawgs.

Not trying to sound (or be!) stuffy, but there's a word in this post that I do hope doesn't become normalised on this forum. It's not Russia, and it's not even The XYY Man!  

the white knuckle queue must've been too much:

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14 hours ago, unregistered_guest said:

More to the point, how did they get it past the metal detectors at the entrance?

The new normal!!!

Even when I was in Russia (Hi @The XYY Man :)) the year before last, we had to go through a security check to get into Red Square. 

If they dislike us so much why don't they just fuck off somewhere that's more to their liking and leave us be.

I'm speculating that it's either niggaz or islamists. Even if its not they're the scum that made attacks at normal everyday events like this more frequent.

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1 minute ago, DocH said:

I find it hard to imagine it being a candidate for frequent usage say last year or the year before or the year before, well before BLM was in the news.

I have friends, colleagues and acquaintances of various ethnicities including those from Africa and I would never dream of using that word in their presence.

However it does convey  my feelings of disgust at the behaviour of certain sections of that ethnicity the negative connotation, my low opinion, and lack of respect towards them is expressed perfectly with that term. Now we also need a similar word for similar sections of the gypsy community. Pikey doesn't do it. 

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What is this post actually about? Some yob stabbed another yob. So fucking what. Unless maybe - just maybe if we can get lucky on yob's ethnicity please god - we can somehow big it up into a race war so we can scratch our 24x7 itch.

Are we still allowed to say yob? Yob Lives Matter (just in case)

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14 hours ago, muggle said:

Who the fuck takes a knife to a family theme park?! 

This is the interesting question.

9 minutes ago, Funn3r said:

What is this post actually about? Some yob stabbed another yob. So fucking what. 

For me, what we seem to be seeing is stabby culture moving out of rough estates/dark streets and into everyday settings where you'd not really expect to see it. Quite a few shopping centres recently, and now a family theme park. They just don't give a fuck. 

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