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We are living in an upside down world

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4 minutes ago, Long time lurking said:

Like the post said ignore the headline as it`s no different to any other click bait it`s twisted words but IMO he is spot on in all of what he said 

And the photo in the link is not a good look ,context might help though


It was some weird event in 2006 IIRC where in public he started kissing this boy's belly.


The photo came from  Alexander Litvinenko...



Mr Litvinenko’s accusations of Mr Putin being a paedophile is thought to be one of the motives the Russian government had to allegedly order his assassination.

The former FSB agent also claimed Mr Putin found “videotapes in the FSB Internal Security directorate, which showed him making sex with some underage boys”, which he then hid.



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It always impresses me how politicians sometimes appear to give a lucid assessment of flaws of other countries while robbing and mismanaging their own.  

This just shows that they are not stupid when they appear to fuck it all up, they are evil and only work for their own personal interests. 

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