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Chancellor announces inflation-busting pay rise for almost a million public sector workers on the front line against coronavirus.

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Teachers I know are telling me how dangerous it would be to go back to school, whilst posting pics on fb of themselves at the beach or down the pub. They’re now getting a pay rise!! Un-fucking-believa

The massive irony of course is that it’ll be the generation they’re refusing to teach who’ll end up paying for their increase in pay... 

I got a job with the local council. Bit apprehensive but eventually went full time on 29k within a year now upto 31k. About 2 hours work a day on average over a month. Was browsing web 5 hours a day b

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1 minute ago, dgul said:

With public sector workers it is also sensible to include their 'effective pension contribution' compared with the private sector -- it adds many thousands to their effective pay.  

Effectively +20% (and they contribute 9%) so lets make that *£56k.

*except I do believe they'll keep moving the goal posts along with the state pension.

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1 minute ago, MrPin said:

It's like the smoking rooms at Schipol airport. Straight out of 2000 AD.

I may have mentioned that I hate everything about flying.

The smoking area in Schipol is my one fond memory of an otherwise terrifying experience for me.

Smoking nine tabs in the half-an-hour before my next flight was my personal best...



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1 hour ago, MrPin said:

It's like the smoking rooms at Schipol airport. Straight out of 2000 AD.

I like ones in I think it was Malaysia where the smoking rooms had one way glass.  on the outside.  So we could see everyone in a smog inside, but they could see nothing out.  Wasn't sure if it was a design fault or just an evil anti-smoker.

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35 minutes ago, MrPin said:

That would have been my old headmaster, back in the 70s. RAF, I think. Spent time in pre-war Germany. Fascinating stories.

One of my history teachers when I was 11ish had served in the first world war and walked with a cane.  He was 80ish, I think - private school, so none of the rubbish like mandatory retirement worked...

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Doctors and nurses union furious at the inflation busting deal on BBC Breakfast. An insult after saving Bozza's life/ his clapping on the steps of Downing Street. Dan Walker and Louise Minchin in full agreement in their leftist love in  with the Union, savings their ire for the Government spokesperson later.. No mention of millions of people facing losing their jobs and getting no pay rises or the fact the Exchequer is a bit stretched.


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7 hours ago, longtomsilver said:

I mean what the actual fuck >>> teachers covid heroes? Getting a 2.8% payrise equivalent to an extra £1000 so if my maths serves me correctly they earn an average of £47k per annum pro-rata (1000/0.028/0.77 (as in working 40/52 weeks)).

The private sector is imploding can we really afford this largesse.

I teach in a private school.

The cartel have decided on a 1% pay rise for us

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And so the division and gaps between those that produce (private sector) and those which produce nothing (public sector)

the parasite is going to kill the host, what should be happening is 50% pay cut for all public sector employees on any salary above the average wage in the UK.

That should go some way to helping, we should also stop double dipping either pension or salary but not both 


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44 minutes ago, Sucralose Ray Leonard said:

What about Bus Drivers? 

What about Taxi Drivers? 

What about shop security Guards? 

What about shelf stackers? 

What about those working the tills? 

As a pubic "worker" myself, I'd be happy to have a pay freeze for a few years in order to reimburse the above somehow. I'm more aware than most that In recent years and the current climate, I'm a very lucky fucker to have the relative job security that I do.

I believe Teachers that have had to attend school should get pay rises. Those that have been sitting on their arse at home, safe shouldn't. 

Does teaching a full time table over Zoom, plus making teaching videos count?

I was working from 8.00am to 8.00pm, plus one day at the weekend

I spent that much time sat on my arse that got spots on it.


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