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Asylum seeker sues UK govt after catching Covid in the UK

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1 minute ago, One percent said:

What that im germaine greer?  Fuck, better start on polishing that Aussie accent.  o.O

Your accent is irrelevant.

Making baseless accusations of misogyny most certainly is relevant - and you do it fairly regularly on here...



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I suppose I've got an ounce of sympathy, even though it smacks of entitlement rather than gratitude (albeit he's not actually been granted asylum yet).

But I can't help think that there's such a conflict of interest whenever the legal system becomes involved.  I'd like to think that he's mainly interested in 'the right thing being done', but I can't help think that it is actually all about money.

IMO this sort of case should have zero 'damages' applied, beyond perhaps a tiny nominal amount.  That way the motive of monetary benefit is removed and all that's left is 'doing the right thing'.  Of course, there would be a 'positive result' by the government being forced to sort itself out.  If the guy was actually sincere about his complaint this would be enough in itself.

[There'd also need to be a process where his asylum claim was unaffected by his legal action.  This might be achievable by changing his application to an assumed name.  As it stands, he either gets in (perhaps due to government feeling guilty) or doesn't get in (and thus appeals based on the government being vindictive) -- either way, he gets in -- and thus there's a further motive to instigate the legal case]

[As a general point -- it isn't the job of the west to solve the problems of the world by having a deadly travel contest where the winners get here, get a house & welfare, while the losers either die (en route) or just have to put up with the despotic state (the vast majority).  It is a weird place to have ended up.]

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32 minutes ago, The XYY Man said:

Give over with that misogynist crap Germaine Greer, as the record is starting to jump.

Calling a woman "pet" where I come from is an accolade - whether you choose to view it as such or not...



Same around here but different terms. Hen, doll, lass. It used to annoy me in the past but I’ve realised now that most of the blokes who use those terms are decent geezers who I enjoy chats with.

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