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A woman found in her garden clucking like a chicken could actually have been suffering from a mental health disorder linked to depression, scientists say.

The married 54-year-old, whose name was not revealed, had a stable job in a pharmacy in Belgium and no history of drug or alcohol abuse before the sudden episode.

Her brother found her in her garden blowing out her cheeks and crowing like a rooster before he decided to take her to hospital, according to a report.

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26 minutes ago, MrLibertyRedux said:

"Over the top Liberty"

Fuck off, have you seen the number of helmets? Look at the rifles you can see stuck up above the trench. Not going for  it.

Play it cool man, wait for reinforcements.

Two hours later: Is that a bush?"

November 1992, in a ditch, with four friends on a foggy evening.

Mushrooms are marvellous....



Gawd, i did ‘shrooms back in the day. Every Thursday night. Don’t ask why Thursday was ‘shroom night, i have not a clue. Was with my ‘shroom mate last night. We now stick to wine.  Lots of wine.  :)

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