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Live in car, with $800 income a month


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At $800 a month I don't know why she doesn't go to C/S America.  Could get a nice apartment and live very comfortably for that amount.

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You'd think she could perhaps afford a house share on that $800 a month? A 4 bed house with 3 other people in similar situations? Or maybe I'm naive wrt how much housing costs in the US. 

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If she could have accumulated a small amount she could have bought a very cheap out if town plot of land ?$20k and put a static caravan on it ?$20k.

Or just done that whilst she was still working and borrowed that $40k at 5% interest $2k a year $167 a month.

She could maybe even do that now, giving the lender security over the land and van showing her pension as proof of income.

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