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Exeter ‘Chiefs’

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Under pressure from the perpetually offended, Exeter Chiefs Rugby club have decided to bin their mascot ‘big Chief’ in case it upset some native Indians.

Local MP Ben Bradshaw, who voted consistently to go to a war with Iraq which caused significant more harm than ‘offence’ to thousands of Iraqi civilians, doesn’t think this gesture goes far enough and would like to see the club removing any reference to native Indians from their branding.

Fuck off Ben.




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5 minutes ago, Syd Germs said:

They should remove "Rugby" as well.

Most people find that offensive.

True, posh private school name. How about "The Exeter non-association football club for white privilege"? Once you're down on your knees sucking the dicks of the left wing twats they will not relent until you've utterly abased yourself and probably not even then.

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In this case I think the change  has some merit though not for the stupid SJW reasons. It is a stupid fucking name because it has absolutely nothing to do with Exeter as a place. As far as I know there were no Native American peoples in Devon. The adoption of the title in 1999 just represented the pathetic attempts of a venerable U.K. sports institution to ape US commercial marketing in the search of a fast buck. If they want to identify with a native people try calling themselves the Durotriges or Dumnonii who were Iron Age tribes who actually lived in the area at the time of the Roman conquest.

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Originally they wanted to call the Rugby club, The Exeter Niggers, but they thought better of it. Now they get attacked anyway. I bet they wish they had just stuck with their original choice. It's not like there's any proper Indians around nowadays. We fucking genocided them over a century ago. White people just can't win.

At least Exeter play the optimal code of Rugby Football and not the deeply flawed Yorkist version that lacks a valid contest for possession. Imagine that - a type of football where there is no adequate contest for possession. And yet people get offended over a few million dead Indians! I think folk need to get their priorities straight. 

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Surely Exeter Tourists Fuck Off would be more appropriate for that part of the world.

Alternatively just call yourself Exeter Rugby Club which seemed a to work perfectly satisfactorily  as a name from 1871 to 1999  when silly sports tags became de rigueur for the telly.

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