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  • 2 weeks later...
10 minutes ago, The Grey Man said:

Wuhan waterpark. A massive late summer party.

COVID at bay....cough...says the CCP.

How many got out that overcrowded pool for a wee in the toilet?

A piss take....


All your economies are now belong to us.

And soon your dog meat.

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    • By The Masked Tulip
      I know that we are not winning - far from it. But is there truly a so-called 'Great Awakening' going on across the Western World?
      Or is it just wishful thinking on behalf of enlightened, aware people like ourselves who, although considerable in number in each Western country, are still a tiny beacon of light in the gathering darkness? (I wanted to sound dramatic.,).
      Are more people waking up to the things that are concerned about on here - the erosion of free speech: the use of fake news, censoring and branding people falsely of racism in order to silence them; the growing racism towards white people and white culture; rapidly spreading anti-Semitism & anti-Christianity; the so-called deep state where politicians seemingly follow agendas not in the best interests of their populations and, of course, probably the biggest threat to all Western countries since WW2 - islamification.
      Are more and more people aware of these issues? Are they concerned about them? Angry yet?
      BREXIT would seem to indicate that 17 million are awake to, if not all, some of the above. The Italian election would suggest similar. The stances taken by the Poles, Czechs, Hungarians and, perhaps to some extent, the Bavarians would indicate an accute awareness of these issues.
      Then, of course, there is Trump and the millions of people who voted him into office. The US may be having their great awakening - is it - but what about the rest of the West?
      We're definitely not winning but are we growing? Is the penny, nickel or dime dropping around the Western World?
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      Looks like the woes of Illinois are getting worse. The main lotteries will no longer be available in the state after the end of the month.
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      A thread for all the great wacko's out there with an all consuming passion.
      No1. Victor Martin - Isle of Sheppey
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