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facial recognition

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well the appeal court has determined that the Welsh police acted unlawfully in the use of facial recognition in public places.



Which is great.


Was listening to some Liberty bint on Talk Radio jibbering on about how the ruling was particularly important to ethnic minorities.

"Why?" questions the host.

"Because the technology is more likely to mismatch faces and lead to false identifications when applies to ethnic minorities" replies rent a gob.

So I'm sitting there screaming at the radio, say it man, say it..:Jumping:

But he never did>:(

So I will.

Even AI thinks they all look the same.:D

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I saw an article on this earlier that said South Wales Police were happy with the outcome.

I haven't looked at the judgement, but reading between the lines I think the judgement basically said that they can legally do the automatic face recognition, but they just have to tweak the way that they're doing it.

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