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Crash at new style cycle priority roundabout - before official opening.

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spacer.pngCycle friendly Cambridge suffers an accident at its newly built £2.3m "Dutch style" roundabout the day before ribbon cutting to officially open the roundabout.

Build a conventional roundabout that all motorists and cyclists are familiar with, then build a large cycle-only roundabout around the outside of it. Give cyclists and pedestrians priority over motorists - in the name of safety. Arrange a public ceremony to celebrate spending £2m+ of taxpayer money.
What could possibly go wrong ?


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I'm a cyclist and that's my neck of the woods.  It's got future death written all over it.  So I'm going to make sure that it's not mine.

They spent 10 Million quid on two roundabouts in Oxford and it took them.... 15 months. Meanwhile in Japan: https://www.aggregateresearch.com/news/japanese-workers-fix-earthquake-demolished-road-

Cycle friendly Cambridge suffers an accident at its newly built £2.3m "Dutch style" roundabout the day before ribbon cutting to officially open the roundabout. Build a conventional roundabout tha

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13 minutes ago, A tremendous # on the lung said:

There's a monstrosity of a double mini roundabout in Poynton, Stockport which seems to be a "shared space" for motorists and pedestrians. It's all fucking grey coloured too. Absolute death trap, especially in dark / wet conditions. To think that some cunt was paid to come up with this idea


I was just on the cusp of posting the exact opposite about that very location.

I have walked and driven through on quite a few occasions in the last few years and it is remarkably safe.

It actually relies on the volume of traffic to make it work. There is too much traffic most of the time to get any speed up yet it flows constantly. You can comfortably cross the road at any point and walk through the moving traffic.

I remember before it was done and there would be hundreds of meters of sanding traffic at all the lights. Now there is none.

Because there is constant motion people seem more curtious, it is something to behold as people are letting others go and people cross with smiles and little waves.

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It's Cambridge though, innit? Pro-Eu, woke central. So being anti-car is just the default position. I did a job in Oxford a few weeks back - they have put the pay and display, on-street parking rate through the roof - £4.60 an hour, maximum stay was 2 hours. Makes life really difficult trying to work there. But I am a driver and therefore the anti-Christ or summat.

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They shut the road and took friggin ages building this thing, considering it was just a white mini roundabout.  With the £2.3m I was hoping for a recreation of the hanging gardens of Babylon with added Wurlitzer organ to come up in rush hour and gold paint layout.  But no, it’s this monstrosity.

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30 minutes ago, The XYY Man said:

Depends where you smoke.

Having a tab whilst riding a push-bike on a public road is just fucking crazy....



I used to smoke on my bike on the way home from work/pub when I was a teenager, but it was downhill all the way home.  Trickier in the morning going uphill, particularly when I was on roll ups.

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