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Pandemic coming? - Coronavirus August onwards 2020 (Part 4)

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19 minutes ago, twocents said:

^ ^


That's an interesting claim. 

It's like the sort of claims made in the early days of feminism - before modern day female leaders - such as the claim that with female leaders there would be no more wars.  A claim never heard now. 

What's this nonsense actually meant to be based on ? Saint Jacinda ? That seems about it. 

And she's now putting people in jail's for not complying with her made up rules. Bravo. How fantastic and compassionate. 

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5 hours ago, Vendetta said:

I blame the cunt that started the original ‘Pandemic Coming Jan 2020?’ thread.....

Fucking scaremongering - it’s caused mass hysteria....

To be fair, you did finally get everyone to wear a mask. Just the wrong one. xD

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14 hours ago, Bus Stop Boxer said:

Off to hospital in the morning for an ultrasound on dodgy guts.

My letter states that i will be temp checked and may be screened for C19.

If they try to shove a 6 inch Q tip up my hooter, i shall spin on my heel, twirl my cane, and bid them good day.


No cane twirling required. No thermometers, no giant Q tips.

I think the Salisbury Hospital staff know the show has left town.

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1 hour ago, MrPin said:

I suspect it's a useless quango, like the Bassoon Council.

Promoting diversity and inclusivity in the Bassoon community since 1997, we have an annual turnover of £17.4m and a dedicated team led by our CEO Baroness Shamima Pink-Oboe. Achievements include the setting up of International Bassoon Awareness Week and grants for research into the crippling disease of Reed Blower's Tongue.

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23 minutes ago, crashmonitor said:

Just six hospital deaths today, lowest since March on a weekday.

Meanwhile kids getting diagnosed with diabetes because of lockdown., cancer on the rise through lack of screening and lives destroyed and mental depression descending on the populase.

Going well isn't it six geratrics in the hand more important than thousands of premature deaths in the bush.




And how many of the deaths in March-April are actually from CV 

Listen to what is said in the bottom vid regarding ONS stats ,you have to ask why did they stop reporting "hospital deaths" around that time 


Edited by Long time lurking
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55 minutes ago, sarahbell said:

A torrent of good news!


This prick goes on the same list as Chris Martenson.  

"Oh all of a sudden some good news"  o.O did the virus suddenly wave a white flag? 

He's welcome to his vaccine.

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