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1 minute ago, The XYY Man said:

It is the work of the Devil, and only someone as daft as a twat with a smartphone would buy into such shite...



My reasonable bit of logic, is to ask whether this will work with motorbikes. If not, it's daft.

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The next step - level three - would not need the driver's attention at all times, and in theory, the driver could do other things such as check email or even watch a movie - until the car prompts them to take over again.”

Ha. I thought we were going to level 4 where one can curl up on the back seats and have a nap.  level 3 at the first sign of trouble the computer bails - help I can’t fix this- good luck! 

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I think they've got their levels ordered wrong.  They think the next level is to allow the car to drive itself while a human pasenger has a wank.
Next level should be letting the car drive itself when no passenger is present.  Perhaps at reduced speed.  Perhaps while flashing pink hazard lights, or illuming a sign on top.  Difference being, without a passenger, the car could sacrifice itself in a crisis, like an imminent collision with a car or pedestrians.  With a passenger, it's got to potentially choose the least bad option between a pedestrian and the passenger.  And I doubt it'll be that smart.


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