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What would you do with this portfolio?


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Here is a screenshot of my s/s ISA. What would you do? I know it's a bit of an unbalanced mess. Do I get out of RDSB and BATS? 

Advice welcomed, and of course. It's all my own responsibility.




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The great dilemma!  Depends if you think they're going up or going down!  Personally I haven't sold any of my "losers" as I'm hoping they'll come good .....eventually eg RDSB which if you follow the thesis of DB will be winners at the end of the cycle (2028 ish).

Depends if you are an investor or a speculator and don't forget the divis which for BATS are supposedly good.  (I don't have any).  Divis for RDSB are good too. I haven't been very disciplined with the amounts I've put in so my portfolio is all over the place too.  I don't think it matters that much.

I top sliced HZM yesterday.....first time I've done that with any share so I've still got some in there in case it does take off.

Some of mine are definitly buy and holds but others eg HZM were complete punts so I hardly put anything in whereas some of those on the HZM thread will really cash out if it rockets to the moon:D and they don't sell any on the way up.

I'm still in complete novice territory so what do I know?  DYOR

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3 hours ago, Popuplights said:

What would you do?

 Sell it all and gave a GREAT bank holiday weekend, thanks for the offer @Popuplights, do I win?

In all seriousness, RDSB is a long term hold for me, but I feel we may be underwater for a while yet. Well done on HZM.

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Thanks for that lads. Pretty much confirmed what I had thought. Just sit tight for now. I flogged my SSE yesterday as they were marginally up.

My nipper has a few HZM and has doubled his money. He thinks I'm the new Warren Buffet, rather than a twat who gets his share tips off an reactionary web forum full of crotchety old men. And ladies.

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I pulled up the charts with each stock. If you get a chance, get the latest (5th edition) Of the Naked Trader book, as well as the how to Trade like a Shark book. I've no affiliation but they are good reads on how to manage winners and losers. Let your profits run and cut the losers short.

I can't give advice, but some observations. You have some blue chip cyclical stocks which are in a cool part of their cycle such as BATS (likely trading range £25 to £35) and RDSB (£10 to £28). They are cash generative and despite being in the red on those, it was just an unlucky entry point on them to be in the red now. They will probably do what is needed and adapt and be around long after our time on Earth, and will likely come good.

You have some speculative stocks such mineral exploration stocks which make up nearly 50% of the portfolio. It is true to let your winners run, but be mindful they can be cyclical too.




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