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Improvised weapons

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Ok I’m not trying to start an argument and I’m well aware of the law if you use something has a weapon .im

pissed has fuck but I’m not going to come out with one of my daft story’s if you think they are true or not is irrelivent anyway.but I  learnt a very obscure martial art or street fighting style before mixed martial

art was even

invented .basicly one of the concepts is everything around you is a potential weapon .just take the different way of holding my vape has an example .get hit over the head in the latter grip and you could easily end up with a fractured skull it’s solid steel you can get a very good grip and where you use it to smoke from it’s about 8mm ie concentrated force .its also going to fuck up the winderscreen of someone in a road rage incident ie chance to fuck

off .



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I have a 4D maglite in my car door pocket, you never know when you might need lots of light.

Had to go into Londonistan this morning. "Gangsta wannabe" in a BMW (wiv his hoody up bruv) shouting at and threatening a van driver for not moving out of his way fast enough. Van driver shouting back

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3 hours ago, Inigo said:

Current terminology is a "kubaton".

The police have arrested people for having tiny, stubby sticks on key rings, and the owners have genuinely though it was just a key fob or decoration (which it probably was, but plod can get you for anything if they take a dislike to your face). One method of use is to push them into pressure points to disable your opponent.

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2 hours ago, the gardener said:

I carry one of these with me on all my dog walks including daylight ones. 

It's aluminum and has a nice serrated edge. 

Made in the UK too. 

Clulite torches. 


To add to the other replies, it's fucking bright too. Shine that fucker in someone's eyes at night and it'll give you time to run away. 

It's also a great torch with a zoom lens giving an excellent 100m+ concentrated beam. 

British made too. They're my favourite torch. Often give as Christmas gifts. 

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2 hours ago, spygirl said:

Its a grip.

As well as 'tactical' torches you can buy 'tactical' umbrelllas.

Totally harmless everyday items that are made of metal and weigh a few kg with an easy to hold grip.


I have a 'tactical' umbrella. It's also a walking stick and a shooting stick. The latter is a handy seat when needed. Strong enough as an umbrella to risk doing a Mary Poppins in high winds.

Nobody has tried to find out how well it functions as a weapon, which is how I want it to stay.

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I've got one of those maglite type torches in the car. I'd only use it for defensive purposes in a stabby-muzzer type extreme situation though, if I couldn't get away. Personally I'm against weapons, even improvised ones, as they are liable to escalate a confrontation and, with our legal system being what it is, could also get you into trouble. I do Krav Maga training and you learn a lot of useful things about how to 'de-escalate' while also being ready to administer potentially lethal blows without weapons.


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