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How many whiskeys today?

How many whiskeys shall we have today?  

25 members have voted

  1. 1. How many is appropriate?

    • Just the one
    • Make it a double
    • Don't stop pouring, man, the glass isn't full yet
    • Yes I know it's a beer glass, but it's what came to hand
    • Just hand me the bottle and the revolver

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When I lived in Moray I did the Glenfiddich whiskey tour down at Dufftown. They taught me the benefit of adding a little bit of water to whiskey (no ice). It does bring out the flavour.

I haven't drunk more than a couple of glasses of whisky a year since I found out that whisky gets me drunk in a way that beer, lager and cider don't. Several people I knew were very into whisky,

Thread of the day, as I sit here with a strong coffee chomping through a box of Rennies. I think I'll go to a Beautiful Pub in a bit for more of the same as yesterday. I have run out of baco

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6 minutes ago, MrLibertyRedux said:

Thread of the day, as I sit here with a strong coffee chomping through a box of Rennies.

I think I'll go to a Beautiful Pub in a bit for more of the same as yesterday.

I have run out of bacon.

Strange times Melchett. Strange times indeed.


There is no shortage of bacon.

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Can't drink much whisky in one go but do appreciate a wee dram.  Sometimes nice with a pint too.  

Was gifted a bottle of Laphroaig a while back that i have recently being having a nip now and then - gorgeous and so different to a say a cheap Bell's ( no offence my pin).

Been to the pub twice now this week, the second time didn't have to hand over pesky details which was nice (assume they think that if one person gave the details that's enough).  Apparently some places want your email address and phone which seems a bit overkill.

And basically been drinking beers every night recently, going to try to cool it down maybe relax with the green medication instead.

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30 minutes ago, Melchett said:

Damn that takes me back decades... the Bucky of its day. It was known as the cheapest way to get pissed in my circles in the 1980s.

My best mate was always wandering around our local biker joint swigging that stuff from the bottle, surrounded by girls in trench coats with nothing on underneath other than basques, stockings and suspenders.

Happy days!

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1 hour ago, Turned Out Nice Again said:

My go-to. Lidl's finest.




I agree.

A very good whisky for the price. The snobs will slag it off for not being a single malt, but it is a blend of 100% malt whisky and is nice and smooth.

I believe the Jocks call this a "vatted malt"....




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21 minutes ago, Austin Allegro said:

Not being a 'son of Erin' I don't have any whiskey in the house.

I do have some whisky though.

Thanks for the tip on Lidl. Blended malts are usually quite good, and much cheaper than single malts, but seem hard to find. There used to be a good one called Baile Nichol Jarvie but I haven't seen it for years.

Used to love that bnj... Totally forgot it existed but your right I've not seen either.  As a blend it seemed much better than your famous grouse etc but the same -or maybe even cheaper- price.  The bottle was quite nice too just kind of what I'd imagine an old fashioned whisky bottle would look like.

Also heard really good things about Lidl and Aldi whisky.  Iirc it was Aldi where someone i know used to buy a single malt every year as a gift for a very discerning person who would request.

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