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Anti Ilegal Migrant Protests In Dover

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Todays news presentation is a good contrast. I assume by accident.

The anti immigration protests struggle to get a real picture of any incidents...although The Mail tried...between the police and demonstrators. They also looked rather regular folk. Labelled far right.

Above them in the news aggregators were the articles on the extreme rebels..whatever name...and the printing press blocks.

Makes the far right statements look rather silly in comparison in my opinion. Anyother day they may have got away with it. I hope a few have noted it out there in the real world.



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How terrible for those poor 'migrants ' fleeing war zones,  fleeing persecution from  ... France... i mean there must be a lot of those photogenic women and children eh,  be a shame if there were YouTube content creators recording every day the fighting age men who are pouring into the country and being put up in hotels  ... thank god for priti the barbarian defending these shores  ... 

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5 minutes ago, Reck B said:

I remember a while back hearing that the English channel would be one of the most treacherous and unpassable stretches of water for illegal immigration via dinghy due to it's strong tides, cold water and busy shipping traffic.

What happened there?


Fat cunt David Walliams has apparently swam across it. Can't see it being that dangerous.

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On 05/09/2020 at 17:43, Libspero said:



Never saw coppers in those numbers when up to 15 strangers from what could be the middle east and ISIS members just swan up to the  south coast shore and strolled happily into the UK, some never to be seen again.

This fucking country is just amazing right now.

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