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The end of the Kardashians

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One of the strangest things in recent history is the claimed popularity of this show, despite the fact that it wasn't popular at all. If you look at the most watched TV programmes in the UK, I think it was at 630th or something.

And yet if you were to base your opinions on the amount of column inches generated you'd presume it would top 20 at least.

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3 hours ago, One percent said:

They appear to have done incredibly well financially though.  



They are America's Kate Price.

Their wealth has been calculated as the "enterprise value" of their businesses with assumed continued growth.

This can be a very big number.

One day however such celebrity freakshows pass their sell by date and their fickle audience moves on to the new celebrity freakshow and their businesses become valueless.

Katie Price was "worth" £40m.  She never however had £40m.  She probably never even had £1m at any point because she was spending it as quickly as it came in.

I think we are going to find that the Kardashians will also be brassic in ten years' time.  Bar the one that's married to the successful rapper as she will have his money. 

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