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1 minute ago, Funn3r said:

What is this scammery of which you speak? Don't bother explaining the scummery as I have been to Cardiff and it is self-evident.

They just want to get your address and other details for nefarious purposes, kid spoke with the sort of non-Welsh accent you would have if you were brought up in the Pak area of Cardiff and was obviously in his kitchen.

Must remember to ask if he does Deliveroo next time.

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I find it hilarious that the Indian outsources are still pitching bpo to the subcontinent.

No way on earth are the data protections laws strong enough in India.

The fuckwittery and large settlements I used to hear about appear to gave stopped as noone is touching India.

And my friends n family instantly terminate any phone caller with an indian accents.

Indian outsourcing does not work because of India n Indians.

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    • By whitevanman
      As the title says.
      I consider myself a middle class fallen into the working class. Parents moved in opposite class directions but ended up solid middle class. Most of my family stayed middle class. I went to a red brick uni but got out and now work with my hands. I am the black sheep.
      Interesting vid on English class system
      Maybe we need a poll
      Edit by spunko: I have added a poll, definitions here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_class_in_the_United_Kingdom
    • By One percent
      A failed Algerian asylum seeker who used five fake identities to fraudulently claim £370,000 in benefits has been jailed for five years.
      Saif Boudemagh, 41, used a forged French identity card to illegally enter the UK in March, 2000 but his asylum appeal failed.
      Boudemagh continued to appeal and eventually obtained residency in 2004, two years after marrying UK citizen Paula Boudemagh.

      The article continues with a catalog of bogus claims and his brother was also doing similar. 
    • By Austin Allegro
      My elderly mother has, again, given out bank card details to an Indian call centre who have taken £99 from her account for some non-existent 'call blocking' service.
      She's not gaga but finds it hard to say no to these people 'they just talked me into it' etc. She's been like this for years, the first time it happened was ten years ago so I don't think it's dementia or anything like that. No matter how many times I warn her about it, she still does it. The only way I knew was because I check her accounts weekly online for just this sort of thing.  
      We've stopped the card but my questions for the dosbodders is, once a scammer has your card details, security  number etc can they just empty your bank account? If so why didn't they take all the money in the account, not just £99? What is the actual process/equipment required for companies or individuals to take money (POS payment) from a bank account?
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