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Service a mechanical watch?

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16 hours ago, MrLibertyRedux said:

Never dared try. Have an old Omega and take it to a little independent. Ancient old guy works a day a week on the tricky/expensive stuff, daughter runs the shop during the week.

Wise! it's full of small cogs. I'm better with tractor gearboxes.

10 hours ago, spunko said:

Repairs By Post i used but there are a few. They should quote you before you send it.

It looks like it costs more than its worth.

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19 hours ago, Great Guy said:

I've bought a couple of old watches and think I might buy some more.

Has anyone ever serviced an old watch? How hard is it?

I've seen some youtube videos here and tbh it didnt look super hard.

I have WW2 service watches from Germany and the UK, getting parts is hard and a little costly. Be prepared to spend some money on this hobby.

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