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Dentist who extracted tooth on hoverboard sentenced to 12 years in prison

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An Alaska dentist who extracted a patient’s tooth while riding on a hoverboard has been sentenced to 12 years behind bars for that stunt and other wheel-y bad crimes.

Seth Lookhart was sentenced Monday in Anchorage Superior Court on dozens of charges that stemmed from his scooting antics to Medicaid fraud and removing a patient’s teeth without their permission.



In the cellphone video, Lookhart could be seen riding away from the procedure with his hands triumphantly in the air.




Video below.



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He probably wanted tik tok notoriety - the modern trappings of social media.


The perfect setup - he lives in a remote area. Middle aged. Boring profession. The rest of the world seemingly full of interesting exciting sexy people in Lamborghinis in their 20s, partying, travelling, etc

People feel they are being left out.

When you hit 40 or 50. Make sure you hire a Lamborghini and make a music video, and share it on social media to get this feeling out of you. Leave a legacy before you die. For the dentist, in his fantasy, he thought he would be liked all over the world, not throw his career down the toilet.

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I remember this clip from Star Trek - Q, the all powerful omnipotent god like being, he wanted everyone to "Like" him (like on Facebook and Instagram). 

Q has the power to click his fingers and force everyone to like him. But it wasn't enough, he wanted everyone to like him of their free will. This script was written in 1996 - well ahead of it's time!

Go to 49mins


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