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Priti Patel Is Thinking About Introducing Mandatory Random Drugs Tests In The Workplace

Should Workers Be Randomly Tested In The Workplace For Traces Of Class A Drugs?  

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Anything that reduces liberty and freedom is a bad thing. This is just another small step towards enslavement.

I don’t do drugs, well apart from copious amounts of alcohol. However, I strongly object. It’s the same as the story yesterday where schools were attempting to stop teachers going on holiday in the co

Trial it for a year in Parliament. Then the civil service. Then ask us again.

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I’ve never taken cocaine so can’t comment on it’s effects.

If government want to introduce this I’m sure an “advisor” and cherry picked research will be able to spin it that cocaine users are a danger to others due to not following virus prevention rules.

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49 minutes ago, TheBlueCat said:

I’d like to say that will never pass a challenge under human rights laws but we all know that those only ever protect the rights of terrorists and other dangerous scumbags.

it's not even that.

No company (that doesn't already do it where needed - trains/heavy machinery etc) is going to want to pay to do it or more importantly deal with the consequences  of finding half their staff failing.

Around this time last summer, i saw a couple of lads doing lines on a wall outside liverpool street station. This was about 5:30 on a friday afternoon, in front of several thousand commuters.  It's so prevalent decriminalization is about the only option left. 

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20 minutes ago, One percent said:

government and employers seem to think they have bought you body and soul, 24/7. No, it’s a trade.  Labour for money.  Anything outside of this, they cam fuck off. 

Totally agree.

As long as you do the work you’re contracted to do that should be it. Fuck all the yearly appraisal, testing etc. Depressing bullshit for decent folk who do the job they’re paid to do to a satisfactory standard.

Glad I don’t have to put up with it anymore!

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I'm dead passionate about this... If you are doing a non-safety reliant job properly (indeed, even excelling) then no-one has any right to test you for drugs.

The main point being, they rarely actually test you for "taking" drugs. The majority of drugs tests look for metabolites (the waste product created in your body once the drug is "converted"). This waste product (depending on the drug) can take days, weeks, or even months to leave your system.

You might have one bloke who smoked a spliff last week fail a test, and another who drinks 12 pints of Stella every night pass.

The pass / fail markers are set so low, that it will pick up the most marginal of metabolites. I have bought cheap test kits off Ebay, and tested my own urine 4-5 days after clubbing, and seen a positive. For this, I could lose my job, driving licence etc, even though anyone with any sense would know the effects have long since gone.

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