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Where is this please?

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El Peñón de Guatapé


Crazy staircase to the summit of El Peñol


Location: Colombia

Steps: 740

Rating: Tough, but not difficult

Also known as El Peñol, the Rock of Guatapé was once worshipped by Tahamies Indians. You can pay homage to the 200m high monolith by taking the 740 steps to the top of the uniquely surreal staircase built into the side of the rock.

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4 hours ago, 201p said:

What a strange phallus type rock feature - the geology of it's formation would be interesting.

No idea about that particular rock but it's common for volcanic plugs to remain standing like that.

Lava stream escapes and ash builds up around it forming a roughly conical volcano. Eventually the lava stream cools and forms a plug in the volcano. The plug of cooled lava is much harder than the ashey sides of the volcano which erode away. Just leaving the plug. A long time since I did A-level geography but might be called a "puig" I think.

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