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Covid Natural Selection


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Not what you are thinking..   proper natural selection.


I have to share this because it's a true anecdote:


Apparently the new miracle Covid cure is Chlorine Dioxide,  so people are buying sodium chlorite and mixing it with lemon juice then drinking it because some German youtube genius has told them it kills Covid.  Which technically it does.  Because it's an industrial bleach and disinfectant.  But the advice is to actually drink it.

My mother-in-law and her peers are being recommended it by freinds on social media..  and they are seriously discussing buying it.

Really O.o

I had to google it to see if they had actually meant Hydroxychloroquine.   But no,   Wikipedia have even had to add a disclaimer at the top of their chlorine dioxide article stating:


Not to be confused with the chlorite ion or hydroxychloroquine.



Makes you wonder how many indirect deaths Covid is going to cause via the terminally impressionable 9_9


For anyone who wants to read more,  here's a Forbes article on this fashionable craze..



Despite months of warnings that it’s unsafe, some Americans are still attempting to self-treat for coronavirus by drinking bleach products, prompting Georgia officials to send out a warning that doing so could be fatal.



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