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How long does it take to sell a house?

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Interesting article.


The best are the ones that have been on for ages:



We can reveal that Sunderland has the oldest property listing in the UK, with one property being listed for a staggering 4,060 days – a staggering 3,930 more days than the city’s average of 130 days. To put this into perspective, this figure has been on the market for just over 133 months, or 11 years! 

The second oldest property listing goes to a property in Leicester. The home has been on the market for 3,115 days – just over 102 months, or 8 and a half years! Properties in Leicester take an average of 92 days before being sold, which means this listing has been on the market for 3,023 days longer than the city’s norm. 

Wakefield, in West Yorkshire, comes in third with a property being on the market for 2,944 days. Our analysis shows that properties in the city spend an average of 106 days on the market before being sold, which means that this property has been listed for 2,838 more days than the average. 




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Shows bias.

These are the houses that sell im the end.

I can think of loads where the house has been on for ages and not sold yet.

Also EA tend to be wise the RM ''days on the market' by pulling and relisting.





Still on RM.




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20 hours ago, Frank Hovis said:

It may be on here which is one of the sources of the data; though it isn't working for me.



20 hours ago, JoeDavola said:

Broken for me too.


Again, listings are fudged - houses remoevd and relisted to avoid going stale.

Even wit hall that jerrymandering:

3-month moving averages by property type in Scarborough

  Jan 2007 Sep 2020 Change
Detached 146 days 217 days +49%
Semi 116 days 108 days -7%
Terraced 100 days 128 days +28%
Flat 104 days 289 days +178%
All 112 days 213 days +90%
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