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Policeman shot dead at Croydon Police Station

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1 hour ago, Frank Hovis said:

Now you're talking.

Although I would restrict the carrying of guns to people aged over 25 with no record of violence or other criminal activity; any misuse or conviction and the licence to carry them is withdrawn.


1 hour ago, ad_ceng said:

I disagree, to some extent 

The police are civilians, therefore I would allow anyone to carry arms. The police of course could carry what the civilians could and it might bring about a better society if the state was scared of the population. 

I came here to say the above as well.

Officers protecting MPs should not have any weaponry either. If they need weapons at a scene then they should call 999 and wait for an armed response - LIKE THE REST OF US WOULD HAVE TO!!!


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These are people joining up for the same motives they always have had; they're not SJWs. Back in the day when I was big fan of The Bill it even crossed my mind. I don't think I'd have lasted long

I wonder if search procedures have been dumbed down to avoid causing 'offence' Perhaps another officer murdered by political correctness? 

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8 minutes ago, ad_ceng said:

That is true, it is the same in prison too I understand. 

Guy should have been cuffed 

He was.



A CUSTODY sergeant was shot dead at a London police station this morning as he took a suspect's temperature while carrying out a Covid assessment.

The handcuffed man - arrested on suspicion of possessing ammunition - managed to pull a gun from his trousers at Croydon custody centre and shot the veteran cop in the chest before shooting himself.


He should have been cuffed behind his back.


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2 hours ago, Nippy said:

I was going to mention that, as a policeman, the job involves enforcing the law not questioning it.

Yes, but there's a difference between the law and the will of the govt. Police doing govt's bidding is despotism and we had glimpses of it in late March, when police tried to enforce rules announced on the telly that were not supported with proper legislation.

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6 minutes ago, sarahbell said:

I think I remember someone on one of these crime real police programs getting away with whatever drug related offence because his shoes had been taken off him in the street.

I remember watching a program about women in prison and they could not get a lighter back of a inmate who had hidden it intimately. Which was a problem as she was trying to kill herself


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20 minutes ago, Royston said:

Perp apparently ''known'' to counter terrorism officers previously.

It's unravelling at a fast rate how much our lovely Governments over the years have Fucked us ALL over.

Been planned for years this shit  -   PC, Multiculturism, Immigration Etc 

Accelerated over the last few years & add on Covid. Pissed off, But Fighting

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2 hours ago, Wight Flight said:

Senior plod on the radio earlier said that this wasn't allowed. Can't go beyond underwear, even in a tinted van.

Has to be back at the station.

Down to pants is ok in the van and proportionate as it’ll be difficult to hide a weapon at that point before going to custody.

Wraps and drugs yes complete strip search in custody as it they can be hid anywhere but it’s not going to kill anyone.


If they want you to remove any other items of clothing, this is either called a ‘more thorough search’ (e.g. removing a jumper or t-shirt) or a ‘strip search’, which involves the removal of all clothing. A more thorough search can take place in the back of a police van or somewhere else that is out of public view. A strip search can only take place in a police station or a designated area like a police tent. A strip search must be done out of public view and by an officer of the same sex, without any officer of the opposite sex able to see. If you are 17 years old or under a strip search can only take place in the presence of an appropriate adult.

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And there you are. A fucking special constable dealing with something that a firearms unit should have been called for for instruction on how to proceed. That’s why he wasn’t searched properly and that’s why that officer is now dead. Shitshow all round.


The arrested man - who is still alive in hospital despite turning the gun on himself - had been arrested by a special constable with a normal officer on patrol after he was seen behaving strangely. They searched him and allegedly found ammunition on him, before handcuffing him and driving him in a patrol car to the custody centre.

Edited by Sideysid
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Never seen the rules up re searching in a police station.

Last (work related before you jest) visit to Strangeways in the summer I did make a mental note of the rules there for visitors.

I assume they were correct.

Personal and internal searches...this was relating to visitors...could be carried out but had to be authorised by the Governor. I dont know the balance of evidence required for that to be authorised.


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25 minutes ago, muggle said:

Wouldn't surprise me.

Could you share your source? 


Firearms suspect, 23, who shot dead police sergeant doing Covid check INSIDE police station was on Prevent's 'potential terror threat' list 


muzzer then. When is the establishment going to be honest enough to declare that these people are dangerous. To the individual, to us collectively and to our way of life.  

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