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Policeman shot dead at Croydon Police Station

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These are people joining up for the same motives they always have had; they're not SJWs. Back in the day when I was big fan of The Bill it even crossed my mind. I don't think I'd have lasted long

I wonder if search procedures have been dumbed down to avoid causing 'offence' Perhaps another officer murdered by political correctness? 

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Just now, kibuc said:

Ironically enough, there's an article on BBC about Sri Lanka rejecting rubbish containers from UK due to hazardous content, titled "Sri Lankans demand UK take back rotting waste". I guess UK should demand the same. 

Maybe but irrelevant to the thread. I think the bloke was paki. 

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3 minutes ago, spygirl said:

Nope. Sir Lankan. Catholic apparently.

Doesn't make him a nice person.

My guess hell be dealing gangsterism within Sti Lankan community dep human trafficking.

Yep. Getting it confused with the Charlie hebdo attack. There are so many, it’s difficult to keep it all straight. 

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On 26/09/2020 at 11:44, Frank Hovis said:

One hit himself in the neck,


It'll just be a coincidence that it's reported to be his neck in a police incident. 

Fortunately they aren't being reported to have knelt on his neck to restrain him leading to him ending up critical and in hospital.

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3 hours ago, ashestoashes said:

so he was on the prevent program for being an extreme catholic ?

From the Sun article linked to earlier.  No doubt it'll become more clear in due course.


The 23-year-old man, of Sri Lankan heritage, was referred to the Government's Prevent anti-terror programme over fears of sympathies towards Islamic extremism.


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A man accused of fatally shooting Metropolitan Police Sergeant Matt Ratana may never be charged as he is brain damaged and paralysed, it is claimed.

Prosecutors have reportedly told police that Louis De Zoysa, 23, will not be prosecuted unless his condition improves.

It is alleged De Zoysa, while handcuffed behind his back, shot himself in the neck after Sgt Ratana was gunned down at the Croydon Custody Centre in south London in the early hours of September 25.




So no trial then? How convenient ¬¬

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