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Where were you that day

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Just got around to watching this dvd I don’t like football now but I did then.ive had it years it’s one of the few times in my life I can remember where I was when it happened.on holiday at the Martin meer site in Blackpool it was a most surreal night even the door staff were on the tables drinking with us.


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With my mates in an Australian bar in Zurich old town (all the local bars were showing Switzerland). I missed the first half because, although I realised I was in CEST, I forgot that Munich was also in CEST. 

I remember that the Irish had beaten the Dutch the same day as some Irish fella bought me a pint. 

We travelled to Munich the next day and you could cut the air with a knife. Really hostile atmosphere in the streets and, at times, felt embarrassed to be English due to the behaviour of some of the supporters.

We couldn't get into the Hofbrauhaus for two days, as even though we said we wouldn't cause any trouble, we were told that there were a lot of pissed off Germans inside just itching for a scrap. 


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No idea of the game but looking at the date it was either Pehrentian islands or Koh Samet.

Don't think I saw it. 

7 hours ago, TheBlueCat said:

In New York. I was there for a couple of weeks and flew home 2 days before 9/11. I must admit, the football match entirely passed me by!

So did a rather large missile :Old:

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I'm half asleep, I thought @stokiescum was referring to the 1966 world Cup final. O.o Wondering what he remembered where he was as he'd only be around a year old at the time. :$

For me, I can't even remember what year this match happened but I think I did see it on the telly at home thinking what the bloody hell is going on for England to do so well. 

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