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Sectors doing well...

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A lot of the delays are caused by supply chain problems, not necessarily because the market is booming.

An example for you: Window manufacturer, saw the problem coming in March so cut back on purchase of raw materials as they were expecting a massive drop in demand. Closed for a bit then tentatively re-opened. They have been swamped with orders from the furloughed masses but have had a struggle to get deliveries from their own suppliers and have been struggling to catch up. Only just getting on top of it as demand begins to fall away.

That said, I think you are right, some sectors are doing well, certainly tradesmen seem to be busy (my brother was quoted a year wait for a drive recently). Supermarkets are busy (although not necessarily making too much profit from it), online retail is probably doing well for the most part. Anyone enjoying rapidly established government contracts for PPE or testing or contact tracing is probably doing great!

There are, however, a lot who aren't doing so well. Just how badly remains to be seen.

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In the process of sourcing a laptop. Local shops and small suppliers struggling to get hold of stock. Apparently big shipments all being gobbled up by the US. You need to order 1,000 off to get stock in the UK so going to the likes of PCWorld and not much else.

.Knew timber prices were going up in the US, one comment said they had doubled, also heard about UK supplier struggling to get timber for the UK market and big price increases on the way - imports largely from eastern europe, latvia, russia etc.

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I know someone who owns an online retail business selling pop culture, retro t shirts and other pointless tat who said business was best ever over the full lockdown period. Not sure how it is now.

Probably not news to anyone.

The barber who cut my hair today said he got the 80% self employed payment thing while he sat at home and then as soon as he came back he was fully booked all day every day for weeks so made hay there too.

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DHL seem to be making out like bandits. Twice the work but no more drivers.

Their bloke is very stressed.

DPD seem to have increased the staff - their driver is still smiling.

My money is that all couriers will fall over by Christmas. It will be like the good old days of security delivery when we employed one person with the sole job of ringing them up to track parcels.

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