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Who's the daddy?

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19 minutes ago, JackieO said:

Dad's a ginger but not those ginger's.

So disappointing. I was looking forward to reading the latest sensationalist storyline of:

Queen sticks up two fingers to ex-princess Meghan, saying, "We've got our hands on a right royal bastard now. So, if your mate Hillary arranges for the tragic demise of Charles, William and the three kids; this bint trumps your Archie's claim on the throne! Now, does anyone know an eligible aristo-bachelor looking for some ginger totty to wed?"  

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3 hours ago, ashestoashes said:

boris de bekker

Yep Boris Becker is the daddy.

 The kid was the result of a quickie in a restaurant bathroom. Boris denied he was the daddy and demanded a paternity test which proved him dad.

Even though the mum's black, the kid is the spit of Boris, looking weirdly like Boris in a bikini. O.o


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